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Parshat B'reishit

Welcome to the world--for the 5779th time!

Today is Shabbat Mom's birthday (though she will not share her age here, she is much much younger than "...the dry land Earth, and the gathering of waters He Called seas.") Actually, to be more accurate, it is her third anniversary: she officially became the parsha-drama mama on B'reishit 2015, and is proud to say she has not missed a weekly posting of her kitschy Torah table-top creations since that day.

And so the Torah--and Shabbat Mom--begins again.

How is it that every Biblical chapter reveals something powerful and unexpected--a phrase, an image, an event, a person--that those who read the Torah week after week and year after year throughout their lives have never noticed?

Shabbat Mom, for one, is humbled to follow the awesome arc of the theological, historical, spiritual, cultural, and even political document that is the Jewish people's gift to the world. Especially this week, when we learn that "...G-d blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because on it G-d ceased from all the work of creation that He had done." A disconnected day? A tech Sabbath? Now that's the Garden of Eden (2.0)!

Many thanks, as always, to parsha partner Kecha Jackson, an ayshet chayil (woman of valor) who is invaluable in the management of the happy chaos of Shabbat Mom's home. (See photo, below).

Shabbat Shalom!

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